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Master Engraver Christophe  Roufosse

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Christophe  Roufosse
P.O.Box 1634
Warsaw, MO  65355

An early love of drawing and an enthusiasm for the visual arts led Christophe Roufosse to pursue a life-long passion for engraving. Born in Liège, Belgium, Christophe had the privilege of studying at Leon Mignon under highly regarded teachers such as Jean-Marie Florent.
Fresh from school, he started at "Les Etains du Val d'Oborne" where he designed and engraved pewter molds for mass production. In 1999, Christophe redirected his talents towards firearm engraving. During his tenure at Marcel Thys & Sons Co., he worked on Browning factory grade patterns and high-end, hand made shotguns. Christophe flourished under the creative freedom that Marcel Thys & Sons Co. offered, balancing learned technique with artistic interpretation. As the founder of Eclat d’Argent, and later, through partnerships, Christophe’s work became increasingly sought after by exclusive clientele.
Using only simple tools - a hammer and chisel – he takes great pride in the execution of each piece. Accomplished in all traditional firearm engraving styles, Christophe finds inspiration in the works of L.D. Nimschke, Gustave Young, Alain Lovenberg and Philippe Grifnee, among others. His affinity for detail and talent for capturing subtle beauty has led to collaborations and partnerships with globally renowned artists including Swedish knife-maker, Roger Bergh.
In 2007, Christophe’s love of adventure and the open waters, brought him to the United States. Currently, he continues to evolve as a world class Master Engraver.

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