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Engraver Tony  Medlin

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Tony  Medlin
5209 Griffith Rd.
Monroe, NC  28112
704-764-3899   704-562-3277


Tony Medlin of HillBilly Customs has been engraving part time since 1994 and now full time since 2004. He grew up with a strong fondness and respect of guns and the artistic manner in the way they are made and embellished.
He learned some of his trade while working for his mom and dad, who had an arts and woodcraft business; this taught him the patience and gave him a keen eye for perfection. He found the love of engraving while attending a gun show and meeting the person who would become his teacher, Jesse Houser.
Tony attended Montgomery Community College in Troy, North Carolina where Jesse Houser taught him the art of metal engraving. Jesse was taught his skills from Mater Engraver Ken Hurst, who engraved for Colt, Winchester, Ruger, Walther, Harrington & Richardson and Thompson Center just to name a few.
Now Tony is keeping the legacy of Ken Hurst and Jesse Houser alive while plying his trade and God given talent for all the gun enthusiast across the U.S.

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