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Membership - Regular
REGULAR membership is open to engravers of all levels, engraving students, engraving collectors, buyers and aficionados, or anyone interested in engraving.
Membership - FEGA Master Engraver
FEGA Master Engraver Membership - open only to members who have passed the certification program.
Membership - International
INTERNATIONAL membership is available to all residing outside of North America.

Mail-in Membership Application

How do I join the Guild or renew my membership?
Choose one of the links above and method of payment (on-line or manual) and click it. You will be directed to an appropriate page.

Please Note: Processing a membership purchase can take up to 48 hours so you may not be able to access the members only area immediately.

You do not need to be an engraver to join, just have an interest in engraving. You can be a professional full time engraver or complete novice. There is something for everyone.

If you are a current member renewing your membership online you will be asked to update your personal information first. Please make sure that your e-mail and postal addresses are correct.

On-line option. You will need credit card/Paypal information to complete the transaction. You can still use your credit card through the PayPal portal even if you are not signed up to PayPal.
PLEASE NOTE: Processing a membership purchase can take up to 48 hours.

Manual option. Click on the "Mail- In Membership Application" button and you will download a form to fill out and mail it in with a check. Please fill the form out accurately paying careful attention to your e-mail and contact addresses.

Regular membership is open to anyone and is the most common form of membership.

International Membership is available to everyone residing outside of North America.

FEGA Master Engraver Membership is open to members - Regular or International - who have passed the FEGA Master Engraver certification program.

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