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FEGA Annual Convention, Exhibition and Seminars


FEGA Convention Jan. 25 - Jan. 27, 2019

2019 FEGA Engraver Show

Dates : Friday Jan 25- Sunday Jan 27th. Set up is on the Thusday 24th

( 24th- show packets with badges given out entrance to show)

Friday evening is our FEGA Members Reception
Saturday evening is our Banquet & Auction
Sunday a.m. will be the FEGA members mtg & election of officers

Seminars will be held on Sunday after the show closes- 4pm (?) (not Monday)
2019 Seminar Presenters- Lee Griffiths & Bruce Farman

Westgate Hotel- direct (not the 800 # )
telephone- 702-732-5111, # 2
Hotel code- SAA9R - $ 95 + $15 (resort fee) + taxes

Table Reservations- (first come / First serve basis) can be downloaded off
the website. There is a late fee of $25 after Oct 1st.
FEGA tables cost remains the same as prior years :

$375 table fee
$18 Clark County License fee per exhibitor
$68 Banquet / Auction reservations

$35 each for extra show badges ( 3 day pass )
you receive 2 show badges with your table reservation

$ 125 for electricity per table - lighting in room is pretty good-
some use battery operated lamps on the table

You may send your completed/ signed table reservations along with
you check or credit card information to me .

Another option would be to pay by cc online....(PP charges 3% ) and
email copy of signed form.

Donations for the :
Lynda Schreck - email-
tele- 620-342-5435

Please email with any further questions- or

Telephone- Betty's cell- 715-213-1657

FEGA tele- 616-929-6146 (this goes directly to VM )

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