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Every year at the annual convention FEGA recognizes excellence within our membership and supporters.

Meeks Award
For outstanding service to the Guild over a period of many years. This is the Guild’s highest award.
Marty Rabeno

President's Award for outstanding services to FEGA over the past year or several years.
Bob Strosin
Jerry Fisher
Mike Dubber
Dave Bennetts
Gary Goudy

Editor's Awards for outstanding articles in The FEGA Engraver magazine.
Mike Dubber: Issue #97 The Greatest Generation Colt
Mark Hoechst: Issue 97 Colt Open Top 22
Rod Cameron: Issue #98 The Flute
Katherine Plumer: Issue #99 Cape Buffalo Knife
Marty Rabeno: Issue #100 The 1866 Winchester
Lee Griffiths: Issue 98 Framed & Quartered.

Auction Rifle Award for outstanding services contributed towards the auction rifle.
Ron Smith
Bob Strosin
Steve Heilman
Jim Blair
Gary Goudy
Lee Griffiths
Sam Welch
Weldon Lister
Mike Dubber
Doug Turnbull

FEGA Master Engraver recipient
Gordon Alcorn

Special Presentation of an engraved watch for a lifetimes service to the Guild
Bob Evans


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