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   The FEGA Master Engraver certification is open to all FEGA members.

The FEGA Master Engraver Program was instituted to recognize excellence and achievement in the art of hand engraving within FEGA. It is available to all members who have attained the highest levels of skill and ability within our art.
The process is simple. Send a letter or an email to FEGA Director Blue, stating your intention to apply The content and language of the letter and all other requirements are set forth in the document you will find when you click on the link below.
Click the long blue button entitled "FEGA Master Engraver Guidelines".
When you have been officially accepted as an applicant, the FEGA Master Engravers at the convention all judge your work.
If you pass then you will be presented with your certificate at the show. You will then be entitled to use the FEGA Master Engraver logo on all your advertising and web site promotion and to stamp or mark your work with the official FEGA Master Engraver logo.
If you do not pass then you will be advised by one of the Master Engravers present and you will be shown where your work can be improved. They will also encourage you to try again. This should be taken in good grace and the spirit that it is given in. We want you to succeed.
Many of the current FEGA Master Engravers had to have more than one turn to achieve the status of Master Engraver. All that have achieved it are very pleased that they did.
FEGA also reserves the right to turn down an application if it is seen in the best interests of the applicant and FEGA.
Again, please click the link below that is marked "FEGA Master Engraver Guidelines" to obtain the Adobe PDF file that sets forth the guidelines, requirements and the application process.
Thank you for your interest. I wish you all success.
FEGA Director Blue

Please click one of the links below for an Adobe PDF of the guidelines and an application.

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