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FEGA Auction Gun



As with every project there is a process of how the rifle is prepped, engraved and finished.

This year Marianne Kelley kindly volunteered for the job of Project Manager, or as Mike Dubber would say, "The Wrangler". Her job was to coordinate all of the movements of the rifle, engraving and finishing.

The 2023 FEGA Auction Gun is a Dakota Model 10, in the legendary .270 caliber, Jack O'Connor's' favorite North American cartridge.


When Marianne received it, FEGA President Barry Lee Hands already had begun work on this rifle with his gold inlay and scrollwork.


Lee Helgeland had fit a beautiful custom quarter rib and barrel band.

Barry spoke with Brian Powley who agreed to do the finest gold inlay along with Diane Scalese who would add her beautiful ‘flare cut” in order to tie all of the designs together.

Bruce Farman was gracious enough to agree to do the finishing.


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