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FEGA Auction Gun

   The FEGA 2020 Banquet Auction Gun

Colt SSA Serial Number XXXXX
7 ½” Barrel - .44 Special Caliber
Oxide Blue with Case Color Frame
Nitre Blue Screw Heads and Cylinder Pin
Mother-of-Pearl Grips

By Michael Dubber

The 2020 FEGA Auction Gun is a Colt Single Action Army Model P Master Engraved by five FEGA Engravers. The participating engravers and their primary duties were Brian Powley -gold borders on Frame, Thomas Galloway - scrollwork and gold work, Bert Edmonston - barrel and cylinder bands, Barry Lee Hands - scroll and gold work, Mike Dubber - gold line work on hammer.
The prep and finish work are by FEGA and ACGG member John Powers.
The Colt is fully bordered in 24 K gold including the frame, cylinder, back strap, barrel, ejector tube, butt, trigger guard and hammer. The barrel address and caliber designation are also inlaid in 24 K gold. The factory stamped Rampant Colt is inlaid in raised 24 K gold, the exterior screws, front sight and cylinder release pin are engraved. The barrel and cylinder are inlaid with thick and thin 24 K bands at the breech and the barrel muzzle is set with one thin band. The back strap in inlaid with the logo FEGA in 24 K gold over a line engraved 2020.
American Scrolls cover about 85% of the metal surfaces. The rolling patterns are designed with interlaced scrolls and turned-end leaf work, and backgrounds have been removed and matted. The scrolls are detailed with fine lines and crosshatched shading. Supplementary scrolls that complement the main scrolls are strategically placed about the metal surfaces. The top of the barrel is set with mirrored rolling scrolls in raised gold. The finials of these gold scrolls are set with raised gold arabesque features.
FEGA President Barry Lee Hands commented: “I am proud of the excellent result of the combined efforts of the 2020 FEGA engraving team. Of course the primary purpose of these projects is to commemorate each year’s show, and raise some funds for FEGA operations. An extra dividend is the teamwork and camaraderie created during the process. Thank you to the team, FEGA members, our sponsors, and all those who support our efforts to encourage and promote the engraving arts”


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