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FEGA Officers

FEGA Officers On The Board Of Directors

Every year the officers of the Guild are elected at the annual meeting which is held in conjunction with the convention/exhibition. Most terms are for 2 years.

Each officer is responsible for a particular job within the Guild. Below is the list of current officers, what they are responsible for and a link so they you can contact them by e-mail.

If you are looking to find an engraver to do work for you please use the tab at the left - "The Engravers" - to do so and contact the engravers of your choice directly.

If the inquiry is of a general nature then please contact the Administration Assistant, Van Angle, at the bottom of the list.

Barry Lee Hands

Samantha Cherry

Marianne Kelley

Sergeant at Arms:
Sam Welch

Vice President Red:
John Gunn
John K. Barraclough Emerging Artist Award

Vice President Blue:
Layne Zuelke
Annual engraving awards.

Director Blue:
Mike Fennell
FEGA Master Engravers certification.

Director Green:
Jim Agner

Director Red:
Rex Pedersen
Seminars and web master

Director White:
Diane Simpson

C. Roger Bleile
Historical database.

Magazine Editor:
Andrew Biggs
The Engraver magazine

Administration Assistant:
Van Angle.

FEGA Newsletter

FEGA Newsletter

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