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Ben Shostle, engraver.
Pistol Slide
Product Code: c81    Weight = 0.2 lb.

Roger Sampson, engraver.
Product Code: C80    Weight = 0.1 lb.

Andrew Biggs, engraver.
Sculpting on a key fob
Product Code: C79    Weight = 0.1 lb.

Andrew Biggs, engraver.
Cast of Engraving made during his Seminar on Carving
Product Code: C78    Weight = 0.1 lb.

Sam Welch, engraver.
Shape Shifting Scroll
Product Code: C77    Weight = 0.1 lb.

Shane Garriott, engraver.
An example of stone setting
Product Code: C76    Weight = 0.1 lb.

Sam Alfano, engraver.
A sample of fine line shading.
Product Code: C75    Weight = 0.1 lb.

Mike Dubber, engraver.
Floorplate done in Winston Churchhill style
Product Code: C74    Weight = 0.1 lb.

Diane Scalese, engraver.
Flair Scroll cut on a floorplate
Product Code: C73    Weight = 0.1 lb.

Barry Lee Hands, engraver.
Three Segment Leaf Palm Control Handle
Product Code: C72    Weight = 0.1 lb.

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