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Master Engraver Brian  Powley

Colt Gold Cup

Engraving by Brian Powley
206 Oakwood Ave., Bloomingdale, OH, 43910

Brian is a full-time professional engraver from Bloomingdale, Ohio. He began engraving in 1980, inspired by the works of Ken Hurst. Mostly self taught, Brian learned to draw under the instruction of Eric Gold. To enhance his engraving, Brian has attended several GRS classes taught by Johny Weyerts and Lee Griffiths, and he has attended the Grand Masters Programs in 2005, 2006 and 2007 learning advanced engraving techniques from Ron Smith, Philippe Grifnee, Creative Art, Winston Churchill, Ken and Marcus Hunt.

Brian works on firearms, knives, jewelry, musical instruments and restores original factory stampings on antique automobile & motorcycle parts.

Brian is a proud member of the following organizations:

* The Firearms Engravers Guild of America -Certified Master Engraver
* National Rifle Association - Life Member
* The American Pistolsmiths' Guild
* The American Custom Gunmakers Guild
* The Ohio Gun Collectors Association

Brian's future plans include a rust bluing service, producing his own designer series of hand engraving tools and teaching.

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Colt Gold Cup

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