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Master Engraver Gordon  Alcorn

North American Arms
5 Shot 22 long rifle revolver.

Engraving by Gordon Alcorn
10573 Kelly Canyon Road, Bozeman, MT, 59715

Gordon became interested in engraving as early as 1990, but did not actually start till 2008. Working at it nearly full time, he has become a master engraver at the FEGA convention in 2014. There has been lots of help from many members, engraving forums, books, DVD's, and a week study with Ray Cover, and acknowledges that the learning will never end.
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Winchester 1894 Crowder Pearl Damascus Knife North American Arms Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum Donatus Cigar Cutter William Henry 24 k sculpted gold inlay Pin Oak leaves with 24k gold acorns Kimber Solo

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