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Master Engraver Roger  Sampson

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Roger  Sampson
2316 Mahogany St.
Mora, MN  55051-6808

Roger's knowledgeable study of engraving began in 1981. His initial training was from Emma Achleithner, who had her training as a young woman at the "Ferlach School of Gunsmithing and Engraving" in Ferlach, Austria. Roger became a F.E.G.A. member in 1985 and has been a Professional member since 1989. He currently holds an elected position as a director in the Guild.

Roger specializes in engraving miniature firearms and has worked on over 100 assorted miniature guns since 1989. His engraving on miniature arms is found throughout the book "The Art of Miniature Firearms Centuries of Craftsmanship". Engraved miniatures by Mr. Sampson have won nearly a dozen NRA silver collectors medals as well as being the first recipient of the Warren Brown award.

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Gold inlays on a Parker Double A Fabulous Smith & Wesson! A Walther Pistol Smith & Wesson A miniature! Miniature 1892 Winchester!

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