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Master Engraver Lee  Griffiths

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Lee  Griffiths
25 S. Main St.
Hyde Park, UT  84318

Lee is an internationally recognized and acclaimed Master engraver holding the titles of FEGA Master Engraver and Colt Master Engraver. His work is of the highest standards and can be found in museums and private collections around the world. His mastery of complicated scenes and unlimited ornamental styles makes him a rarity in the engraving world and his work in high demand. All types of gold work and techniques, sculpting, bulino, and intricate scroll and ornamental styles are easily within his repertoire.

Lee taught for nine years at the GRS training center as well as in Belgium and Germany. He now teaches private or small groups on a limited basis.

He has won many awards at the annual Firearms Engravers Guild of America exhibition and Collectors Associations. These include multiple time winner of the Engravers Choice, Award of Merit, Best Engraved Handgun, Best Engraved Shotgun, Artistic Uniqueness, Best Engraved Parker at the Concours d'Elagance, and Best Metal on Metal Inlay.

Lee's website is and

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