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Room 601 Unit 4 Unit 2-57 Wanbao Community
Daqing City Heilongjiang,  163000

Hi everyone

I am a student.
I am studying jewelry restoration and I have two years left to graduate.

In 2019, I was admitted to the membership of the British Gem Association (colored gemstone appraiser), and then admitted to the GIA diamond appraiser in 2020.

I am obsessed with the art of engraving cold weapons and firearms. I regard it as the most important thing in my life. When I was very young, I happened to see an engraving magazine at my uncle's house. The cover was the work of BurryLee, which impressed me. Until 2018 I finally got a chance to learn engraving and setting stone techniques
I studied Gemstone setting and engraving at GRS in 2018.
Besides engraving I can also do French hand setting (snow paving) and use air tools to do this.


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