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Engraving the Meek Squirrel DVD + Key Tag Kit featuring Jake Newell.
From a seminar in 2013.
 $27.95 Product Code: grsdvd    Weight = 1 lb.
Follow professional hand engraving artist Jake Newell from start to finish with this special bulino project. Gain a better understanding of photorealistic engraving as he shares tips and tricks, how to avoid common mistakes, and more. Comes with a printed image guide.
Available as a package deal with "The Meek Squirrel Kit" (#030 609), which includes a lasered key tag to engrave the project with Jake.
This video provides a good introduction to bulino through a complete, start-to-finish project. Chapters include:
1. Transfer & Scribing
2. Body Detail, Part 1
3. Body Detail, Part 2
4. The Head
5. The Tail
6. Head Touch-Ups
7. Body Shadow on Tree
8. Copper and Gold Inlay
9. Lower Branch
10. Lower Leaves
11. Lower Trunk
12. Upper Trunk
13. Upper Leaves
14. Tree Bark
15. Shading for Inlaid Metals
16. Final Touch-Ups
17. Finishing & Workholding removal

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