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Deep Relief Sculpting Master Class featuring Sam Alfano Master Engraver.
From a seminar in 2020.
 $69.99 Product Code: SAMRSMC    Weight = 1 lb.
ADVANCED LEVEL Learn techniques of sculpting with punches and gravers, including tool preparation and sharpening techniques. Practice design included so you can follow along and sculpt with Sam as he goes. Learn the nuances of leaf sculpting a beautiful arabesque design.

The stainless steel key tag Sam is engraving in the video is available for purchase from GRS, so you can engrave one or use a practice plate if you prefer.

NOTE: Background removal is not covered. This is advanced level sculpting work and it is assumed the buyer already knows how to do background removal. If not, then consider my video ENGRAVING SCROLLWORK START TO FINISH for an in depth chapter on the subject.

2 hours 8 min

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