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ENGRAVING with Lynton McKenzie featuring Lynton McKenzie.
From a seminar in 1988.
 $183.00 Product Code: samMcK    Weight = 1 lb.
Master engraver Lynton McKenzie's famous videos from 1988 are the first instructional videos made for hand engraving.

They are both informative and historically important, and originally recorded on large format tape and distributed on VHS. Years later they were converted to digital for DVD distribution. The video quality is typical of that era, but the quality of instruction is excellent with McKenzie going into great detail with demonstrations of his old school

In his day, McKenzie was one of the top engraving artists in the world, producing exhibition grade masterpieces in both the firearms and custom knife fields. He was an engraving legend and pioneer, and his iconic style has influenced thousands of engravers worldwide.

He was also my teacher and friend.

~ Sam Alfano

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