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Beginner's Course in Modern Hand Engraving featuring Master Engraver Sam Alfano.
From a seminar in 2021.
 $82.99 Product Code: samBC    Weight = 1 lb.
2 DVD SET 2 hrs 17 min


INCLUDES PRACTICE DESIGNS Make your time count with my engraving class on DVD that contains many of the techniques and exercises I have taught in my group and private classes for decades. I use GRS equipment, and these techniques can be used with any type of engraving handpiece or hammer & chisel. Over two hours of instruction designed to cut the learning curve and get you up and running quickly.

I start with the basics, showing my workbench along with a description of my tools, how theyre setup, and how to use them. You will learn to setup and adjust a stereo microscope, tune a GRS machine, and know how to keep your work centered under your microscope for fast and efficient use.

Im a simple guy, and use the versatile EasyGraver 120 graver for all of the engraving on this video. I teach you to easily shape and sharpen one from a blank, to keep it sharp, and how I use it to add sparkle and character to my work. High magnification macro photos show you what to look for to identify dull and broken gravers.

Learn how to properly hold a handpiece to cut simple lines and curves, and then onto complex and fun designs. Practice designs are included that you can transfer to your practice plate and follow along as I walk you through each exercise and explain exactly what Im doing.

The video includes the following:

Tool setup
Microscope setup
Graver sharpening
Holding the handpiece
Cutting straight lines
Transferring printed designs
Cutting curved lines
Engraving basic leaves
Beveling cuts
Running wheat border
Laurel leaf border
Engraving scrollwork
Stippling backgrounds
Stippled Roman lettering w/brightcut
Engraving rosettes
Engraving realistic and ornamental skulls

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