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Sam Alfano Pendant/Key Fob Kit for Hand Engravers featuring Sam Alfano.
From a seminar in 2021.
 $89.99 Product Code: SA-KF    Weight = lb.

Pendant/Key Fob Design Kit for Hand Engravers

NOTE: Some design transfer experience is highly recommended.

For optimum results you should have an inkjet or laser printer which is capable of copying these design sheets and producing acceptable transfers.
The designs are printed on paper and can be transferred to the metal with acetone, although I recommend that you make copies of the sheets and keep the originals as masters.
Inkjet users can scan or copy the sheets and transfer using their preferred method.
Six heavy brass pendants/key fobs, 1.25 inch x .050 inch (32mm x 1.4mm) and design sheets for basic, intermediate, and advanced engravers.
Includes a beautiful rosette, flowing leafy scroll, complex arabesque, tight English scroll, beautiful McKenzie scroll, and a complex grotesque face design. The kit also includes a 20 page booklet of engraving suggestions and helpful tips with closeup illustrations of detail and shading.
BONUS DESIGNS: I added two more designs for a total of 8.
One of Americas more important engraving artists was L.D. Nimschke who worked from 1850 to 1900.
His work is worth of study and the included Nimschke scroll design will give you a taste of cutting his bold and beautiful style.
The Circle Monograms design sheet is fairly advanced and allows you to create 3-initial circle monograms.
Each letter is shown in the left, center, and right positions, and a double-leaf border at the top finishes it off nicely.

This can be a moneymaker.
Purchasers may engrave the discs and sell them or gift them. They make great gifts and are a good way to introduce your engraving skills to the marketplace.
Sell one or two and the kit pays for itself.

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